Adler Industrial Solutions Announces Profit-Sharing Plan for Shorts Tool & Mfg. Employees

October 18, 2021

SAEGERTOWN, PA -- October 18, 2021 -- Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc. ("Adler”), a fast-growing company in the tooling and mold industry, announced today that it has established an employee profit-sharing plan for the employees of Shorts Tool and Mfg., Inc. (“Shorts”).

The plan is offered to every Shorts employee and will be paid out in December, just in time for employees to enjoy the benefits during the holiday season.

The profit-sharing plan will be based on Shorts’ gross profits rather than net income, which means employees can expect a higher pay out as productivity increases from Adler’s aggressive investments in Shorts such as new state-of-the-art machinery.

"We will be investing a lot into machinery, software and processes so that we can produce better products for our customer in less time,” said Philipp Gruner, CEO of Adler. “It is only fair to reward our highly skilled workforce who help us improve the company’s capacity and efficiency."

Adler plans to offer a profit-sharing plan to all employees at each of its companies.

Since the publishing of this story, Shorts Tool has been rebranded as Pinnacle Molds.

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